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When we arrive at your house or business for the first time our first step is to do a full inspection for rats. The inspection consist of locating every visible and potential entry point the rats have made into your home. While checking for all entry points we also assess the damage the rats have done to your home. Many inexperienced technicians and companies will miss entry points because they did not complete a fully through inspection. Over the many years we have seen every possible and unbelievable ways rats can enter your home. The standard rule is that a rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. The standard rule does not apply to Abolish because Abolish is not a standard company. We check for holes the size of a dime. We have seen and know that a rat can chew a hole to whatever size they want.

Once our inspection is complete our goal is to start and complete your rat problem that day. If the rat infestation is out of control the job may need more then one day.

Once the inspection is complete we move to step two rat proofing your house